Advanced Backup

Immortal Files have created a free program - also called Immortal Files, that allows you to selectively sync files to Dropbox. Shockingly, Dropbox doesn't already offer this feature, and it's usually only offered as a paid option by third party companies.

The software looks brilliant and works really well. As a bonus, as well as allowing you to chose what to sync, it also allows you to enable to encryption on the files, so no one would be able to view them apart from you, even if your Dropbox account became compromised.

What if I don't use Dropbox?
Well, not to worry! Immortal Files also works with Google Drive, so you can have the best of both worlds.

If you would like to find out more about this great new software, following the link below:



Entrepreneur's Jorney

Enprojo helps entrepreneurs write about their journey in an organized, collaborative, and private environment. 



Have you ever played puzzles? Are you playing this kind of music puzzle? http://bit.ly/1IUJDM0


Mobilyse - Mobile Phones

Mobilyse helps consumers to find the perfect mobile phones, or mobile phone plans/contracts from all of the available options. Covering pay as you go and monthly contracts for Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Apple Mobilyse will find the best option for you.




Kindle Cases

Are you part of the latest technology craze, the Amazon Kindle?

They are so hot (pun intended) right now! They are very popular amongst all ages, from kids to grandparents. Running a modified version of Android, you can download as many apps as you desire, and use this brilliant device for all your tablet needs. They are great value too!

If you would like to purchase an Amazon Kindle, please visit kindle.amazon.com you won't regret it!

Now, you want to protect your brand new Kindle don't you? Well, you need a case or a cover for it!

I would recommend CaseHappy! They will cater for all the colours and styles you may want.


IT Consultancy

Shout out to AhelioTech in Columbus, Ohio!

I've encountered their support staff many times on technology forums and they are experts in VoIP phone system. I highly recommend their IT consulting services to businesses in the Ohio area. Check them out at http://www.aheliotech.com/